Welcome to RGiddy Productions!

  • Post Production Services

    Post Production Services

    Award-Winning Editorial services. This is where the pieces of your story come together! I can handle your post-production needs. From Editorial, to Color Grading, to Visual Effects, Final Export and beyond.

  • Film


    I’ve worked on several short and feature length films. I can help take the vision that’s been bouncing around in your head to the big screen.

  • Corporate Videos & Commercials

    Corporate Videos & Commercials

    Need to sell a product or an idea? I can help with that too. I’ve worked with numerous clients to help promote and sell their brands.

  • Pre-Production & Scriptwriting

    Pre-Production & Scriptwriting

    Pre-production is crucial to getting your video or film done right. I offer consultations during the Pre-prod phase as well as script writing services.

  • DVD/Blu-Ray


    It’s time to distribute! I provide custom DVD/Blu-ray Authoring and Disc Burning.

  • “Always cut for emotion, try to preserve this at all costs”

    - Walter Murch “In the Blink of an Eye”

Clients Include: